Sometimes, you want to look really, really good. Other times, you’re more concerned with feeling great. Why can’t you have both, experiencing each all the time? You can. With today’s medical spa services, women have found that they can treat their skin while nourishing their spirits. And, everyday more and more men are discovering the same. Because the fact is not everyone needs or wants cosmetic surgery. Of course, physician strength skin care to prevent the signs of aging and to repair damaged skin requires physician oversight; you’ll find both at Marina Plastic Surgery. Until then, you’ll find medical spa videos here.

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Laser Treatment Videos

Maybe you don’t like the “surgery” part of plastic surgery. Maybe you’re not adverse to it, but it isn’t right for you right now. Either way, watch this medical spa video and learn how with state-of-the-art laser treatments like Fraxel®, there isn’t always a need to undergo cosmetic surgery to enjoy a younger, more vibrant look.

fraxel laser Los Angeles  

TV’s “Extra” Beauty Tip – Fraxel®

Dr. Stevens talks about the benefits anyone can achieve with Fraxel Laser Treatment, the latest and greatest way to treat sun spots and other skin problems with no anesthesia and without surgery.

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