You don’t have to live in Los Angeles to know how important image is. And, it’s most important, probably. hopefully, to you. Of course, while it’s absolutely possible to conceal imperfections under clothing, when it comes to the face, make-up can only cover so well and for so long. By taking a moment to view our videos of rhinoplasty (nose surgery) and facelift videos, you’ll find out how you can watch nip/tuck for it’s entertainment value rather than its “educational” value; how you can stop looking in the mirror obsessing over what you don’t like about yourself; and, how you can finally love how you look as much as your loved ones love who you are. Start living. Start now. Start here.

After seeing the transformations possible with facial cosmetic surgery, use our Web-exclusive Inside Online feature for the opportunity to request a FREE consultation at select times. Also, learn more about the plastic surgery experience in the comfort of your own home when you download a Free Guide to Cosmetic Surgery with over 30 pages of helpful information.

Facelift Videos

Today, there is the traditional rhytidectomy, as well as the minimal-incision version, neither of which is reserved just for rich people like nip/tuck’s, Mrs. Grubman. So, don’t stress as you stare into a mirror pulling loose skin back tight to see how plastic surgery might remove wrinkles on the face and sagging skin in the jowls and on the neck. Relax, all you need to do is watch these face lift videos to see the difference a facelift can make.

facelift Los Angeles  

Younger Patients Are Choosing Plastic Surgery

Follow Holly, a 24-year-old, through her Los Angeles facial surgery in this plastic surgery video from Discovery Channel’s, Body Perfect.

facelift Los Angeles  

Entertainment Tonight Cosmetic Surgery Videos

Watch the popular entertainment show’s facelift video of Dr. Stevens as he discusses a popular facial sculpting procedure known as the ThermaCool™ Facelift.


Claire’s ThermaCool™ Face Lift

Like most people, looking younger was important to Claire. But, unlike many, she was looking for a non-invasive procedure to reverse the signs of aging. Learn how Dr. Stevens and a Thermage® ThermaCool™ facelift helped Claire achieve her goal before her big day.

As seen on: Cosmetic Surgery Live


Judith’s Transformation

From MSNBC’s, Extreme Plastic Surgery, watch this cosmetic surgery video and witness for yourself one woman’s incredible transformation following a facelift.


Rhinoplasty  Videos

The nose – it has the power to affect the look of everything from your eyes and ears, to your cheeks and chin. If your nose overpowers or underwhelms, watch this video of rhinoplasty (nose surgery) and discover how Dr. Stevens of Marina Plastic Surgery in Los Angeles has helped men, women and teens realize a harmonious look, and how he can help you too.

facelift Los Angeles  

Younger Patients Are Electing Plastic Surgery

Follow Holly, a 24-year-old, through her Los Angeles facial surgery in this plastic surgery video from Discovery Channel’s, Body Perfect.

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