What was the chant that Dorothy repeated over and over again in the Wizard of Oz? Necks, cheeks and chins, oh my? Okay, maybe that wasn’t quite it, but it might have been had Dorothy been a couple decades older. What is it with the extra waddle, the flabby cheek or the out-of-line chin, anyway? As we get older, necklines can disappear, chins can double, and cheeks can either balloon, droop, or hollow out like old balloons. If you are frustrated with the lower portion of your face, take heart. There are treatments out there that can tighten, reduce, and trim, making you look younger again. No need to click your heals together three times, just click a link below to learn more.

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Neck Lift Los AngelesExcess Fat around the Neck

  • Facial Liposuction

No Cheekbones

  • Cheek & Chin Implants

Lack of Chin Definition

  • Cheek & Chin Implants


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