With so much attention paid to the face and body, the hands are an easy area to forget about. That is, until you look down and see the age spots, see the bulging veins, see the thin skin and sunken look around your knuckles and bones. Because while the face can often show signs of premature aging, the hands will probably show it sooner. Sun exposure, hereditary and even smoking can all contribute to our hands looking worse for the wear. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Between skin treatments and vein treatments, your hands can begin to look younger and less like a relentless beacon of aging.

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hand rejuvenation Los AngelesRough, Aging Hands

  • Paraffin Hand Treatment

Age Spots

  • Laser Spot Removal
  • CoolGlide XEO

Vein Therapy

  • Sclerotherapy


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