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Nip/Tuck Season One, Mandi/Randi

Just six weeks after dumping the body of a former patient in the Florida everglades, McNamara/Troy plastic surgery is back in business in an episode I’m going to call…

Dr. Troy Gets Randi… and Mandi

The show opens with the good Dr. McNamara in surgery, operating on a woman whose breast implants ruptured after her abusive boyfriend caused significant trauma to her chest.

Breasts are a woman’s most feminine feature. So, it’s no wonder that while liposuction is the most requested plastic surgery procedure between both sexes, breast enlargement – also known as mammaplasty – is the most popular plastic surgery procedure among women. Electing for plastic surgery, of course, is more than simply about how a woman looks; it’s also about how she feels. The fact is, breast enhancements to increase or decrease size or to provide a better proportion, can have a dramatic, positive effect on a woman’s self-esteem. But, don’t take my word for it; the patients in these breast augmentation videos can speak for themselves.

Unfortunately, breast implants do not last forever, and a small number of women might experience problems, such as capsular contracture (build-up of scar tissue around the implant), rupture/deflation, leakage and, as with any surgery, infection. These problems can be the result of a defective implant, surgical complications, age and, like the aforementioned patient, injury. Thankfully, the instances are rare. In fact, in 2000, a study by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) showed rupture/deflation rates at a mere three-to-five percent at 3 years and only at around seven-to-ten percent at 5. Of course, you can reduce your chances of experiencing a problem with your implants by seeking the expertise of an experienced, well-respected, board-certified plastic surgeon that’s up-to-date on the latest advances in breast augmentation. Oh, and of course avoiding abusive men can only help!

But, I digress. So, where was I? Oh, yeah, nip/tuck…

Well, after the surgery to correct the breast implant, Dr. McNamara joins Dr. Troy who is in the middle of eyeing… I mean, evaluating 18-year old identical twins, Mandi and Randi. They’re tired of looking exactly alike… of being mistaken for the other. The two doctors recommend that the two young women try other, less permanent changes such as to the color or style of their hair. They already had their names tattooed on their backsides, and it didn’t help!!!

Mandi and Randi are afraid that when they get to college, they won’t be viewed as individuals. They’ve made up their minds – they want plastic surgery. And, they’ve even brought in a picture of Jennifer Garner from a magazine to show the doctors how they want to look. Believe it or not, this happens quite frequently… and can prove quite helpful! While genetics and physical attributes such as bone structure contribute to how dramatic of a change is possible, it’s often a helpful communication tool. Anyway, the girls want what they want, and Dr. Troy is more than willing to give it to them.

By the end of this episode, Dr. Troy attempts to have sex in a tanning bed; takes the son of his best friend/partner to a strip club; attempts to have sex with a stripper before calling her a, “carnival freak” and handing her his business card; sets up a rendezvous with his best friend/partner’s wife; and, apparently has sex with the twins, Mandi and Randi, who if you combine both their ages are younger than the juvenile Dr. Troy. How does he have time for surgery?! Anyway, at least he apologizes for his mistakes! Gotta hate yourself for lovin’ him.

And, if you’re considering breast augmentation, you gotta know why you’re doing it, do your research and find a qualified plastic surgeon. See you next time!

Charlie Sheridan

Medical Editor and Consultant


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