You aren’t the only one looking for honest answers to your questions about cosmetic surgical procedures, and you aren’t the only one looking for real videos of plastic surgery. To separate the truth from the lies, Dr. Stevens and his staff at Marina Plastic Surgery in Los Angeles put each episode of Nip/Tuck under the knife.

Every week when a new episode airs, the Director of Marina Plastic Surgery, will provide a truthful commentary on that particular Nip/Tuck. If you have any questions regarding her commentaries or need additional information about any of the many cosmetic surgery videos you’ll find on this site, you’re invited to chat with her. She enjoys the feedback and loves to hear from people considering plastic surgery, because she herself was once in your position.

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Comments by Nip/Tuck Episode

» Season One
    » Season 1, Episode 1: Pilot

       Discover the Top 10 things they don’t teach you in “plastic surgery school.”

    » Season 1, Episode 2: Mandi/Randi

       Augmentation mammoplasty can have a dramatic, positive effect on a woman’s self-esteem. But, don’t take my word for it; the patients in these breast augmentation videos can speak for themselves.

    » Season 1, Episode 3: Nanette Babcock

       How are the writers of nip/tuck supposed to know the facts? By watching these breast implant videos. After all, a moving picture is worth a thousand words.

    » Season 1, Episode 4: Sophia Lopez

       Over 11 million surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures were performed in the U.S. in 2006. Watch real patients talk about some of the most popular, in these videos of rhinoplasty and tummy tuck videos.

    » Season 1, Episode 5: Kurt Dempsey

       You probably don’t watch nip/tuck for the facts about plastic surgery; it’s entertainment. So, check out these real cosmetic surgery videos for the other side of the story – the truthful, educational side.

    » Season 1, Episode 6: Megan O’Hara

       Nip/tuck finally gets it right… and it wasn’t when Dr. Troy suggested the practice advertise with the slogan, “You know you can look better.”

    » Season 1, Episode 7: Cliff Mantegna

       How might a woman enjoy smaller, firmer breasts? For some of the same reasons a man might. Learn about gynecomastia (male breast reduction).

    » Season 1, Episode 8: Cara Fitzgerald

       Laser treatment videos show how “spots” or lesions can be removed with either lasers or other advanced light systems, rather than with surgery, radiation or tattooing.

    » Season 1, Episode 9: Sophia Lopez II

       Love triangles, Lamborghinis and lies… just another day in Miami. My advice to the writers of nip/tuck…

    » Season 1, Episode 10: Adelle Coffin

       If you’re considering plastic surgery, know that nip/tuck isn’t real; these videos of plastic surgery are. Must see TV on your monitor.

    » Season 1, Episode 11: Montana/Sassy/Justice

       Sassy wants “smaller boobies” (sometimes referred to as “breast reduction”). What do you want? Breast reduction videos, you say? Well, check these babies out.

    » Season 1, Episode 12: Antonia Ramos

       Drug lord, Escobar Gallardo, makes McNamara/Troy an offer they can’t refuse… if you’re considering plastic surgery, here’s a similar offer just for you – free breast reduction videos!

    » Season 1, Episode 13: Escobar Gallardo

       Take a trip down mammary lane in this summary of nip/tuck, season one.

» Season Two
    » Season 2, Episode 1: Erica Noughton

       It’s Dr. McNamara’s birthday, but you get the gifts. I hope you enjoy these plastic surgery videos.

    » Season 2, Episode 2: Christian Troy

       Finally, a show dedicated to McNamara/Troy’s “bad boy”… and a post dedicated to videos of rhinoplasty.

    » Season 2, Episode 3: Manya Mabika

       So, tell me what you don’t like about yourself, and I’ll tell you all about labiaplasty!

    » Season 2, Episode 4: Mrs. Grubman

       Read how to become a plastic surgery practice’s number one patient in three easy steps. Better yet, watch these videos of rhinoplasty.

    » Season 2, Episode 5: Joel Gideon


    » Season 2, Episode 6: Bobbi Broderick

       Want to know the truth about lipo? You won’t find it by watching this award-winning “Best Television Series, Teenage Boy’s Fantasy.” So, check out these liposuction videos.

    » Season 2, Episode 7: Naomi Gaines

       McNamara/Troy gets some bad news. Read all about it. Oh, you prefer the good news first? Then watch these real videos of plastic surgery.

    » Season 2, Episode 13: Oona Wentworth

       BOTOX® Cosmetic or Bobotox? Take the Bobotox challenge! Actually, please don’t… at least not before reading this.

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