The Surgery Center

The Surgery Center at Marina Plastic Surgery is a state-of-the-art, fully accredited center built specifically to meet the needs of our plastic surgery patients. We take your health and safety very seriously and have made it our goal to create a superior center with the best surgeons, staff and equipment. See our facility for yourself and save up to $150 on your consultation at select times when you request an appointment using our Web-exclusive Inside Online feature.

A professional experienced staff really is at the heart of any surgery center. But, having the best equipment helps to create an excellent and safe working environment.

BIS Monitor

The Bispectral Index Monitor (BIS) has revolutionized the way patients receive anesthesia. Previously, while under anesthesia, patients were given standard doses and then monitored via heart rate and blood pressure readings. The BIS instead monitors a patient’s brainwaves and provides readings on a continuum scale where 100 would indicate being fully awake and 60 being unconscious. The BIS allows anesthesiologists to supply the patient a unique dosage instead of a general amount, minimizing complications and side effects.

Pulse OximeterPulse Oximeter

During surgery, it is very important that patients receive an adequate amount of oxygen via their blood stream. Oxygen is carried through the blood via red blood cells, transferring the much needed oxygen to the different organs in the body. A healthy level of red blood cells is called “saturation.” Complications can arise if a patient is not receiving adequate oxygen (called “de-sat”). The Pulse Oximeter is a monitor that non-invasively attaches to the hand or foot and measures the red blood cells from a light reading.

Endoscopy Equipment / Endoscope

An endoscope helps physicians and surgeons look inside the human body through natural openings such as the mouth. With a light at the tip, endoscopes allow doctors to view the inside workings of the body without needing to make any incisions.

Crash CartCrash Cart

Crash Carts are moveable kiosks for surgical emergencies. Basically a cart filled with life-saving instruments and aid, Crash Carts can be moved from room to room or patient to patient and contain many important items such as cardiac monitors and defibrillators and medications.


Nothing is more important than having a clean and sterile operating room. The Autoclave sterilizes surgical tools and allows for sanitary disposal of contaminated items.

Co2 Oxygen Monitor

Another important aspect to monitor during surgery is a patient’s carbon dioxide output. It is important that the patient is able to get enough ventilation during surgery and monitoring CO2 output is crucial when the patient is under any anesthetic.

Buffalo Filter

Some surgeries produce surgical smoke due to the use of lasers or other electrosurgical procedures. The Buffalo Filter removes or filters this harmful smoke, for the safety of the patient as well as the surgical staff.

Bear HuggerBear Hugger

Bear Huggers are disposable, heat-controlled blankets used to keep a patient’s core temperature stable during or after surgery. Bear Huggers help to regulate the patient’s body heat and to minimize the risk of hypothermia.

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