Nip Tuck Goes Hollywood

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California Here They Come – Nip/Tuck Goes Hollywood

Marina Plastic Surgery in Los Angeles sponsors, a Web site offering a weekly reality check for viewers of FX’s hit reality based cosmetic surgery program, Nip/Tuck.

LOS ANGELES, CA — July 16, 2007 — Since its July 22, 2003 premier on FX Networks – a subsidiary of New Corp – Nip/Tuck has made a star of actor Julian McMahon (Fantastic Four, Premonition, “Charmed”), as well as earned a 2004 Emmy® win for Outstanding Makeup and a Golden Globe® in 2005 for Best Television Series/Drama. And, most importantly to advertisers, averaged over 3.5 million viewers across the show’s 59 episodes, ranking extremely well in the coveted 18-49 demographic. This October, McNamara/Troy plastic surgery will relocate to Los Angeles, because as the show’s creator, Ryan Murphy, says, “‘The temptations are bigger in LA”. Charlie Sheridan, Director of Marina Plastic Surgery in Los Angeles and Medical Editor and Consultant of says that while the show can relocate, it can’t hide from the facts.

“Nip/Tuck claims to be based in reality, but its ultimate mission is not to inform, but to entertain, something it obviously does very well. At, while we also hope to entertain, it’s secondary to our goal of being a source of accurate information regarding plastic surgery in Los Angeles. We accomplish this by applauding the show’s writers when they get it right and informing viewers when the writers get it wrong.”

Unfortunately, getting it wrong is something Ms. Sheridan says she sees in almost every episode – things like McNamara/Troy accepting drug money for a new steam room; out-of-control liposuction; sex with patients; and, trading surgery for discounts on Lamborghinis. “As Nip/Tuck turns five, those of us who have dedicated our lives to serving the plastic surgery needs of men and women in Los Angeles wonder when it will finally grow up.” One aspect of the show that especially irks Ms. Sheridan is the notion that plastic surgery is simply selling fantasy. Ms. Sheridan doesn’t buy it.

The reality is that according to the American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS), over 11 million cosmetic plastic surgery procedures were performed in 2006 – an increase of 48% since 2000. As an example of “art” imitating life, shows such as ‘The Swan’ and ‘Extreme Makeover’ came and went during this period of time; Nip/Tuck came and stayed, settling in at its Tuesday, 10PM time slot. Concerned that the drama could negatively influence those men and women who might benefit greatly from plastic surgery, Los Angeles’ Marina Plastic Surgery sponsored back in 2004. And, since going live, it’s become the online resource for those seeking the facts regarding plastic surgery in Los Angeles. The site offers numerous plastic surgery videos, links to plastic surgery’s most popular procedures, reviews of each episode of Nip/Tuck and opportunities to interact directly with Ms. Sheridan.

While the site has proven a huge success, her fear now is that with Nip/Tuck “going Hollywood,” the show’s only likely to get more outrageous. And she’s probably right. In fact, Maria Elena Fernandez wrote in the LA Times on July 12, 2007 (New Season Tour Talk) that viewers should expect, “plenty of nudity, sex and bizarre surgeries.” Ms. Sheridan states that viewers should also expect to continue to find rebuttals to the show at, because while McNamara/Troy may have a new address, the Web site serving up honest assessments and advice to those considering plastic surgery remains the same, as does the goal.

“Our goal isn’t to nit pick Nip/Tuck, but there are a lot of people out there – men and women – who want to better themselves, and they think plastic surgery might help them to look and live more fulfilling lives. I’ve seen the difference surgery can make. In fact, I’ve undergone numerous procedures myself. Shows like ‘Nip/Tuck,’ claim to be an inside look at plastic surgery, but the reality is it’s a view as seen through the eyes of a team of writers. It’s sort of like watching ‘Dallas’ and expecting to come away with an insider’s look at the oil industry or ‘Miami Vice’ and thinking that you’re getting the goods on undercover police work. It’s just not reality.”

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About Charlie Sheridan:

Charlie Sheridan is the Director of Marina Plastic Surgery in Los Angeles and Medical Editor and Consultant of She attended both Santa Monica College and UCLA, where she studied business, as well as design. She joined Marina Plastic Surgery in 1988, and for the past two decades has coordinated patient relations, overseen business operations, public relations, and sales and marketing, in the process, contributing to the practice’s expansion and success.

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Marina Plastic Surgery offers men and women in Los Angeles, as well as patients from around the world who utilize its fly-in program, the finest in patient care, an inviting, peaceful, state-of-the-art facility and a comprehensive menu of plastic surgery treatments and medical spa services in and around the Los Angeles area. Marina Plastic Surgery is conveniently located in the UCLA Medical Building on Lincoln Boulevard, just minutes from Los Angeles International Airport. The Medical Director of Marina Plastic Surgery is California board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Grant Stevens, selected by his colleagues as one of America’s Best Physicians in The Guide to Top Doctors.


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