Combined Cosmetic Procedures

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Combined Cosmetic Procedures

Cosmetic surgery is more popular that ever. An important trend in plastic surgery is the increasing number of surgeries that are performed together at one time on a person. Patients frequently request to have multiple procedures during a single operation. Improvements in surgical techniques and anesthesia safety have made these combined procedures routine. Patients enjoy the benefits of having only one recovery period and sooner gratification.

Combination surgical procedures, like all cosmetic operations, should be individualized for the particular patient. In facial plastic surgery, different types of procedures may be grouped together in one operation to restore a more youthful appearance. A facelift will commonly be combined with eyelid surgery and possibly laser resurfacing to achieve the greatest rejuvenation. Signs of aging are generally not limited to one region of the face. In order to obtain the most natural results, many patients will benefit from subtle surgery to several areas rather than dramatic improvements in one anatomic area. Most patients prefer to do these procedures together at one time.

When changing the proportions of the face, rather than anti-aging surgery, these same principles apply. Patients who wish to have a smaller nose, for example, may benefit from a nose reshaping procedure. Instead of doing a large nasal reduction operation, many of these patients would benefit from a chin implant and a smaller nasal reduction. This may improve the proportions of the face and result in a more ideal aesthetic outcome.

Young mothers frequently seek to reverse the changes that have occurred in their bodies with multiple pregnancies and aging. A Laser Bra breast lift and tummy tuck are usually the most important procedures to help them achieve this goal. Power-assisted liposuction around the waist and thighs helps to put the finishing touches on these patients who desire to reclaim a more youthful form. Depending on the extent of their needs, these procedures may be combined together in one operation.

While there is no doubt that these combination surgeries are increasingly common, it is reassuring to know that studies indicate they are also safe. Drs. Stevens and Vath recently published a study in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal that demonstrated the complication rate for procedures combined with tummy tucks is not higher than for single procedure operations.

The most important step in determining a patient’s appropriateness for multiple procedures is to meet with a board certified plastic surgeon. After thoroughly evaluating your medical history, physical condition and aesthetic needs, the plastic surgeon will help the patient to formulate a plan to achieve their goals safely.


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